Calgary Basketball Classic Scholarship Information

The unique and major component of the Calgary Basketball Classic is the opportunity for graduating seniors to be awarded scholarships for the purposes of advancing their post-secondary education.

As a result of this long-term commitment to high school athletics,  the CBC was asked to oversee the development and delivery of a scholarship criterion that embodied the purpose of the tournament - "to foster citizenship, leadership and academics through the great game of basketball."

Each school (teacher head coach) was asked to submit their  best candidate according to the criterion. The Calgary Basketball Classic Scholarship Committee will review these applications and determine the worthy recipients.  These fine young men and women will be announced and honored at a Scholarship Dinner on Wednesday, December 7 at Bishop Grandin High School cafeteria at 6 pm.

Each successful student athlete will receive a cheque in the amount of $1,000.00 after submitting proof of documentation confirming post-secondary enrollment in a subsequent academic year. 

Scholarship Criteria:

  • Part A: Basketball Team Involvement (35%)
  • Part B: School and Community Activities (25%)
  • Part C: Academic Commitment (20%)
  • Part D: Financial Need - where applicable (10%)
  • Part E: The Nominee’s ability to answer the following (10%): What does basketball and my school team mean to me, and why should I be considered for this award?